JING Restaurants

Restaurant, Bar & Lounge, Global-Fusion Cuisine

JING Restaurants
Plan of Attack
Web Design, Web Development, Concepting, Branding, Graphic Design
Project Description

JING Restaurants are one of the most recognized and highest rated restaurants in Denver and Aspen, with its newest flagship location in Las Vegas, NV. Over the past 10 years, JING has won numerous awards for its menu, which features Global Asian cuisine, a one-of-a-kind concept in prime steaks, sushi, and seafood, using produce from local suppliers and organic farms.

JING’s overall concept is defined as ultra-chic, with dynamic details and impressive fire and water decor, creating the ultimate chi for the best gastronomic experience you’ve ever had.

Our design focused on highlighting JING’s unique concept. The online experience would be best represented by the dark-stone texture and gold accents, inspired by the art of kintsugi: repairing pottery with gold lacquer.

Within our solution, we developed a national landing page that both showcases JING as a national brand and allows users the option to choose the JING location. Each location website utilizes a unified theme which creates a seamless experience while also showcasing the uniqe features, menus, and media that makes them unique in their own special way.

Without a doubt, the new suite of websites for JINGs restaurant locations has established a scalable foundation to grow their business effortlessly in the future.